Booking Questions

How to Organize your Schedules

Now you can organize your schedules how you best see fit. From highest to lowest, from alphabetical and more. Here’s how: Login into your account Go to BUSINESS SETTINGS from your username in top right corner Once your in the profile settings  Click on the tab title ” BUSINESS SETTINGS“ Scroll down to “Booking Side Sorting Options“ Choose the […]

Languages we currently support

  – English – Portuguese – Dutch – Spanish   This means you can switch the booking system to your preferred language so it is easy for your customers to be able to check out with you in your native language. Please click on the gif below to see how to change to the language […]

What are Categories?

Categories help your clients easily filter out the session they would like to book with you. This is great when you offer multiple types of photo sessions. The current categories available for you to assign your sessions to are:   Portrait Wedding Headshot Event Boudoir Engagement Real Estate Commercial Pet Architectural Sports Aerial Nature Consultation […]

Taking Deposits for a photography session

Taking 25%, 50% or whatever percentage you charge your clients for securing their day with you is available! To Simply make a schedule act as a deposit reservation This applies to users who already have created a schedule Go to your online schedules. Choose the schedule you would like to receive deposits for. Choose action […]

Creating Weekly or Selected Day/s availbility

With our booking system you can choose to create a weekly available booking schedule or only selected days perfect for limited sessions (example: Christmas Portrait limited sessions availability). Please view video below.     

How do I add my 2nd Photographer?

Please watch how to add your 2nd photographer and how your 2nd photographer  will receive their notification to accept your invitation. Click to play       How to Add your 2nd Photographer to your Photography Schedule Login to your booking side Click the “STAFF” Icon on the left Menu Bar Click the + to begin to add […]

How do I add my Makeup Artist?

  How to Add your Makeup Artist to your Photography Schedule Login to your booking side Click the “STAFF” Icon on the left Menu Bar Click the + to begin to add your new staff member like a makeup artist Fill in the Makeup Artists Details Save To have a particular makeup artist notified of appointments […]

How do I block Dates in the calendar?

  1. Login 2. Go to APPOINTMENTS icon on the left Menu Tab 3. To disable a Date,  click on the Date on the Main Calendar to make it grey. 4. The Date will turn a dark grey to let you know it is NO longer available.    

Giving Discounts to your Customers

You can give Holiday or Special discounts to your sessions simply by creating a code and letting your clients know about it! Follow these simple steps: 1. Login 2. Click the” TAG Discount” icon on the left dashboard menu 3. Add New Discount 4. Fill in the Discount Code information choose either a percentage off […]

How do I invoice a client?

Creating invoices is a breeze! Just simply follow these steps: 1. Login 2. Make sure your customer‘s profile already exists, if not create them. 3. Go to the Invoicing tab on the menu bar to your left. 4. Create New Invoice 5. Fill out the details in the invoice 6. After you’ve completed the details […]

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