Getting Started

How to setup your Stripe Payments

If you’re a Stripe User you’re going to be thrilled to know we now support it! Here’s how to connect your Stripe account. First You’ll need to have a Stripe account. Go to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS  in Stripe.  API Keys (Secret Key and Published Key) In a separate Tab Login into your account Go […]

Adding your Social Network Links

Add your Facebook Page, Google and Twitter links to your schedule so visitors can easily link to your latest locations. Login Go to “PHOTOGRAPHER SETTINGS” (top right menu option) Choose “SOCIAL” Update with your social links  Press Update to Save changes

How to setup your WePay Payments

wepay is a great tool for collecting payments online via credit card and debit card. They’re accelerating in growth as a leader in receiving payments online. To start receiving payments with wepay: Create your WePay account if you don’t have one already. Login to Go to “BUSINESS SETTINGS” (top right corner) Choose WePay tab Connect […]

How to Sync your Calendar to your Google Calendar

Yay we’ve implemented our latest feature “The ability to Sync your Bookmeforphotographers Calendar to your Google Calendar so you get instant notifications from your devices. Follow the easy steps to get you synced up! If you have any problems or questions feel free to Contact Us!   1. Login and from your dashboard head to your […]

How to setup your Paypal Payments

1. Login click the top right menu (where your name is) 2.  Go to “PHOTOGRAPHER SETTINGS” 3. Click Paypal tab 4. Find your Paypal api credentials (see video below how to find this in your Paypal Account) 5. Enter your Paypal nvpUsername 6. Enter your Paypal nvpPassword 7. Enter your Paypal nvpSignature 8. Update and you’re all set […]

How to Create your Schedule

    Locate where to create your Schedule Login to your booking side Click the “Schedules” tab on the right On the right side click “Create Schedule“   How to create your Schedule Create your schedule name, this name will be tied to specifically one type of photography session. (example: Senior Portraits ) Choose your staff members that will need […]

How to Sign Up?

 Register with us. Check your email for confirmation Login and now configure your details.

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