How to setup your WePay Payments

wepay is a great tool for collecting payments online via credit card and debit card. They’re accelerating in growth as a leader in receiving payments online. To start receiving payments with wepay: Create your WePay account if you don’t have one already. Login to Go to “BUSINESS SETTINGS” (top right corner) Choose WePay tab Connect […]

Where do I report Errors or Bugs?

Send us an email right away, use the contact form below or simply by email at info@bookmeforphotographers so we can take care of it, sometimes are system hiccups after we update to the latest technology standards, we apologize in advance.

How to setup your Paypal Payments

1. Login click the top right menu (where your name is) 2.  Go to “PHOTOGRAPHER SETTINGS” 3. Click Paypal tab 4. Find your Paypal api credentials (see video below how to find this in your Paypal Account) 5. Enter your Paypal nvpUsername 6. Enter your Paypal nvpPassword 7. Enter your Paypal nvpSignature 8. Update and you’re all set […]

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