Please watch how to add your 2nd photographer and how your 2nd photographer  will receive their notification to accept your invitation. Click to play





How to Add your 2nd Photographer to your Photography Schedule

  1. Login to your booking side
  2. Click the “STAFF” Icon on the left Menu Bar
  3. Click the + to begin to add your new staff member
  4. Fill in the 2nd Photographer Details
  5. Save
  6. To have a particular 2nd Photographer notified of appointments you must choose their name when you create your photography schedule.

Why is this Great?

If you work with multiple photographers they can all receive the appointment details and then have the ability to notify you if they are available for your clients booked photography session right away! You won’t need to scramble, hunt and look for another photographer that will be available, they will receive the Client’s First Name and Booking Time and Booking Date only so they can cross check their schedule and let you know!

What is shown in the notification email sent to the 2nd Photographer?

We know your clients details are for your eyes only so the 2nd Photographer will only be able to see the Client’s First Name, Booking time + date, your contact information to either accept the job or not.