Taking 25%, 50% or whatever percentage you charge your clients for securing their day with you is available!

To Simply make a schedule act as a deposit reservation
This applies to users who already have created a schedule

  1. Go to your online schedules.
  2. Choose the schedule you would like to receive deposits for.
  3. Choose action “EDIT”
  4. On step one, the last question “Deposit Fee; A deposit fee amount will be collected prior to session start, after the end of the session the rest of the amount may be collected via Cash or Paypal.” Enter the¬†Percentage price number for your deposit (example 25 for 25%, 50 for 50% etc)
  5. Press Update
  6. Now your client will only pay the deposit percentage amount.

How to collect the remaining balance after your photography session, you can either manual input you received cash or check, or send a payment request to your client before or after their session.

Please see video below for full explination on deposit and how your orders will reflect deposits.