Locate where to create your Schedule

  1. Login to your booking side
  2. Click the “Schedules” tab on the right
  3. On the right side click “Create Schedule


How to create your Schedule

  1. Create your schedule name, this name will be tied to specifically one type of photography session. (example: Senior Portraits )
  2. Choose your staff members that will need to receive booking notifications for this photography session schedule only. ( example: If you have a specific makeup artist that will need to receive booking confirmations include them by first adding them into your staff and then choosing their name in schedule)
  3. Choose your session block time that your customers will be booking by (30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours)
  4. What is the least number of hours or days before a customer can schedule an appointment? choose either by days or hours. ( this helps you by not allowing last minute bookings or accepting last minute bookings)
  5. Set how many days in the future can a customer schedule a booking with this schedule. ( this helps with allowing future booking appointments, great for wedding photographer schedules, allowing your customer to book months ahead)
  6. CHECK BOX: Allow customers to make appointments current day? ( explanation: If you want your customers to book you the same day then ✓ check it)
  7. CHECK BOX: If all the days for the month are blocked do you want to hide the month in the storefront? ( explanation: if your month is blocked out the calendar will automatically pull the next available calendar month)
  8. CHECK BOX: Allow all staff to receive New Appointment Notification emails? ( explanation: this allows all of your staff directory to receive notifications )
  9. CHECK BOX: Is Schedule Active? ( explanation: Are you ready to make this schedule public if yes ✓ check it )
  10. CHECK BOX: Is Payment Active? ( explanation: Want to have customers prepay for the booking? if yes ✓ check it, make sure your paypal information is configured here’s a video how to find your “Paypal Credentials“)
  11. NEXT onto Location


Creating your Location in your Schedule

★  if you DO NOT have a location just skip this step, by clicking Continue to Next Step.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.13.48 AM

  1. Type the address of your session’s location ( studio address or on location )
  2. The marker should point to the location you’ve typed into the search bar, to be sure look to the left and make sure the address information is correct.
  3. if everything is correct Continue to Next Step