How to Organize your Schedules

Now you can organize your schedules how you best see fit. From highest to lowest, from alphabetical and more. Here’s how: Login into your account Go to BUSINESS SETTINGS from your username in top right corner Once your in the profile settings  Click on the tab title ” BUSINESS SETTINGS“ Scroll down to “Booking Side Sorting Options“ Choose the […]

What size is the Schedule Icon?

The Schedule Icons are 78 pixels x 75 pixels we accept formats in jpg or png only.   To change the icon of your booking online schedule, Login Choose Online Schedules on the left menu Actions -> Edit Choose your icon image (78×75) Update   Please keep your file under 1mb you can do this […]

How to customize email footer

This footer is included in all your client notification emails. As soon as your client books your services an email notification is sent to them, when the appointment session is 3 days prior to and lastly notification email of the day of appointment. Follow these steps to customize: 1. Login 2. Top right corner select the menu option […]

How do I block Dates in the calendar?

  1. Login 2. Go to APPOINTMENTS icon on the left Menu Tab 3. To disable a Date,  click on the Date on the Main Calendar to make it grey. 4. The Date will turn a dark grey to let you know it is NO longer available.    

Can I customize with my logo?

Yes you can! 1. Login 2. Click the top right icon and scroll to “Photographer Settings” 3. Click “Uploads” tab 4. Upload your logo and you’re all set! It’s best to have your logo saved as transparent, so it looks great against your background! (We recommend 578 pixels x 134 pixels in formats JPEG or PNG)    

How to upload your Wallpaper

First create your photo wallpaper either in Photoshop or with an image based program with our suggested dimensions of 1280 width x 440 height at 72dpi resolution either in jpg or png format. 1. Login 2.  Go to Photographer Settings 3. Click the “UPLOADS” tab 4. Click “CHOOSE FILE” to select your wallpaper (1280 x 440) 5. Click […]

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