We have updated Google Calendar Sync Feature.

Follow this simple steps to sync your google calendar.
We advise to connect your account with google calendar from a laptop or a desktop, but not from a mobile phone.
  1. Check your time zone in http://schedules.bookmeforphotographers.com/settings/ > Business Settings ( my current time zone settings is America/Chicago.
  2. First check your google calendar time zone at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render#settings-general_11  ( my current settings are Country as United States, Current Time Zone GMT-05:00 Central Zone )
  3.  Then logout and then login with your account in order to clean any other cookies session.
  4. How to connect with google calendar.
    ( do not forget to refresh your Business Settings Page after connecting )
  5. How to update your google calendar with bookmeforphotographers.com bookings:
  6. How to delete unused google calendars.
  7. You should follow step 2 whenever you want to update your google calendar.

Note: If you have multiple calendars in Google Calendar, please view the following video